Engineered and designed for medium run print jobs.
Fast job change technology with sleeve system on anilox and cliché.
Electronic controls for setting registers and printing pressure.


Color stations06 - 08
Max. Film width (mm)820 - 1020 -1220
Max. Print width (mm)800 - 1000 -1200
Print repeat range (mm)300 - 700
Mechanical Speed (m/min)5 ~ 300
Gear pitchGearless o 5mm
Inks typeStandard flexographic inks
SubstratePaper, plastic film, etc.
Tension control range (Kg)2,5 ~ 20,0

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes, additions or improvements to the machinery.


Fast Press Set-Up Technology

Technology that combines the use of: Sleeves on anilox and cliché, ink supply system with container and integrated pump, electronic movement of the printing groups with memory for pre-settings, electronic system of pre-register with machine stopped, etc.
The combination of these elements allow quick changes from one printing job to another, and the fast printer set-up, with the minimum material waste.

Ease of use

A friendly software and a main panel with 19“ touch screen provide a simplified graphical user interface.
In addition, the user has a remote control that is a second interface, complete with all functions, which privileges the user’s movement around the machine, allowing to make all kinds of adjustments directly from the inspection point.

Simplified logistics

The modular and compact architecture of our equipment allows us to carry out the dispatch and transport in a simplified way, without being necessary to reassemble the unit at the installation point. Logistics costs are reduced to the minimum, in packaging, transportation, insurance, etc.
It also allows the installation and start-up of the unit immediately once it reaches the installation point. Depending on the model of the equipment, from its arrival at the client’s facilities, our specialists can finish the installation and begin the training in approximately 48 hours.


Masterflex 820 size
L. 9400 x A. 2450 x H. 2990 mm
Service area
1,5 - 2,0 m for side
Power supply
400/440 V, 50 /60 Hz, 3 Ø, 110 kW
Compressed air
8 Bar, dry, filtered
18 Ton
remote assistance in real time via Internet

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