Designed for mid web band printers and converters.
Robust structure with high-tech systems for cutting and rewinding
a wide range of materials.


Max. Ø Master roll (mm)1000 - 1200
Max. Ø Derivated rolls (mm)610
Rollers width (mm)1100 - 1300
Master roll width (mm)1000 - 1200
Rewind Min. Width (mm)20
Roll core internal Ø, master/derivated 7.62 mm o 15.24 mm (3” o 6”)
Master roll, axial displacement+/- 50 mm
Max. speed (m/min)450

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes, additions or improvements in the machinery.


Main electrical and pneumatic controls placed on an easy access position.
Double electronic panel.
Front and back panels with security systems.
Unwinder with hydraulic shaftless system with independent or simultaneous movement of each arm.
Rewind clutched shafts with ball friction system, for driving a wide range of materials even with a large thickness variation across the width.
Tangential cutting discs with A.C. asynchronous motor. The system consists of an upper shaft with five (05) cutting discs and a counter-cutter shaft.
LASER projection system with integrated optics for an accurate cores placement.
Unload of the cut rolls towards the manual unloading device with axial rotation.


Size Multislitter 1000/600
L. 3100 x W. 2700 x H. 2000 mm
Service area
1,5 - 2,0 m for side
Power supply
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ø
Compressed air
7 Bar, seco, filtrado
3,0 Ton

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