This Gearless press is designed for medium to short print runs, featuring fast job change technology that supports 6 to 8 colors with high-performance precision. It includes a sleeve system on both the anilox and cliché for quick job changes, and electronic controls for setting registers and printing pressure.


8300 X 2160 X 3040H mm *Model Maxiflex GL

Color station

06 - 08

Max. material width

620 - 820 - 1020 mm

Print repeat range

250 - 700 mm

Mechanical speed

5 ~ 250 m/min

Tension control

2,5 ~ 20 kg or 5 ~ 40 kg

Fast Press Set-Up Technology

The use of sleeves on anilox and cliché, an ink supply system with container and integrated pump, and an electronic system that facilitates movement of printing groups with memory for pre-settings, along with an electronic pre-register system with press stop, allows for quick changes between printing jobs and a fast printer set-up, while minimizing the amount of material waste.


A user-friendly software and a primary control panel equipped with a large 19-inch touchscreen offer a simplified graphical user interface. Furthermore, a remote control serves as a secondary interface, providing the user with complete access to all functions and enabling adjustments to be made directly from the inspection point, thereby facilitating movement around the press.

Facilitated logistics

Our equipment's modular and compact architecture simplifies logistics by enabling easy dispatch and transport without the need for reassembly at the installation site. This results in minimal logistics costs for packaging, transportation, insurance, and more. Additionally, it allows for immediate installation and start-up of the unit upon arrival at the installation site.

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Assistance and Contacts

If you would like further information, please contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with customized assistance and support for all your needs.

+39 030 998 0388

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